Code of Conduct


The following rules of conduct will be enforced to ensure that all CCTA passengers have a pleasant ride while using our services.

  1. For your safety and good health, smoking is prohibited on all CCTA buses. Drivers shall inform passengers in a courteous, but firm manner that smoking is prohibited on the bus.
  2. Federal regulations prohibit the operation of any bus with passengers standing ahead of the white line.
  3. Passengers are prohibited from disturbing other passengers and the Driver. Drivers should courteously request that the offending action cease. Examples of such disturbances include, but are not limited to: excessive noise, throwing objects, physical violence, offensive behavior and speech, public intoxication, and harassing behavior.
  4. Articles which, because of their size or the nature of their contents, may be dangerous to passengers shall not be allowed on the bus. Articles prohibited on all CCTA buses include but are not limited to:
    • car batteries
    • gasoline, kerosene or any other flammable liquid
    • weapons, including but not limited to guns or knives
    • illegal drugs
    • open containers of alcohol
    • animals, other than service animals for the disabled, except those animals that can safely be carried in a closed and secured bag or carrier
    • any article that cannot safely be held by a passenger or stored underneath a seat that could have potential to hurt another passenger if it were to collide with that passenger during an unscheduled stop
  5. Passengers are prohibited from soliciting the sale of goods or services on all CCTA buses.
  6. For your safety, passengers are prohibited from throwing objects from the bus, or sticking anything, including body limbs, out of the bus window.
  7. It is a serious health risk to all passengers to allow patrons whose bodily fluids are exposed to ride the bus. Passengers who are experiencing this condition will be removed from the bus or denied access to the bus. This includes, but is not limited to bodily eliminations, spitting and blood.
  8. Passengers are required to pay the proper fare for all CCTA transportation.
  9. Passengers may not place advertisements on the inside or outside of buses, nor may they remove or deface those placed on the buses by authorized representatives of the company.
  10. Passengers are prohibited from playing musical devices on all CCTA buses, unless headsets with reasonable level of volume are being used.
  11. Passengers are prohibited from performing any personal hygiene task while riding the bus (i.e. clipping fingernails, toenails, putting on perfume, etc.).

These rules of Conduct are in place to ensure that all passengers enjoy their time spent on CCTA public transportation.