How to Ride

CCTA Rider Guide

how-to-ride-01Check destination sign:

Before getting on any bus, always look at the destination sign on the front of the bus.  The sign tells you the route name and number.

how-to-ride-02Insert fare or swipe your pass:

As you get on the bus, drop your money in the farebox next to the driver.  You are required to pay when you board.  You can use dollar bills or coins, but neither the farebox nor the drivers make change. Or instead of using cash, passes are available.


Swipe any valid pass through the farebox and wait for authorization of your pass and the driver. Passes can be purchased at any of our ticket outlets.

how-to-ride-04Request your stop:

When you are ready to get off the bus, push the vertical strip or pull the horizontal cord on the side of the bus to signal the driver about a block before your desired stop.  For your safety, wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before standing to exit the front doors.

Request a transfer:

If you need to take more than one bus to get where you’re going, ALWAYS ask the driver for a transfer to the next bus. You must do this as you exit the first bus.  This way, you’ll continue your trip without having to swipe your card again – and it keeps an accurate account of total bus trips, keeping everyone’s costs down.